About Me

Born and raised in the state of Hawaii is a big reason for my success as a software engineer. The ability to work with others and communicate both internally amongst Co-workers and externally with clients/customers has become a skill largely attributed to my upbringing. I have worked for several companies wherein my proficiency and expertise have molded me into the Engineer I am today. My confidence in my abilities has allowed me to excel and become an instrumental member of developer teams from the following companies: EKR Agency, Hukilau Marketplace, Brigham Young University, MaritzCX, Younique, and Fidelity Investments.


As a Software Engineer, I aim to create, develop, and/or expand upon web applications at high quality. Providing a simple and positive user experience within the website/application is what I strive to accomplish.



I am very proactive in striving to go the extra mile for the betterment of the team and the business. My experience in working with others has pushed me to provide an exceptional experience for both your business and future users. Contributing positively to your company is a guarantee!



I aim to provide you with the most up-to-date technologies and designs to increase and build your company. I ensure best code practices and timely resolutions to new or existing problems. As an experienced UX developer, learning is important to not falling behind the times and further improving the success of your business.



Being a developer is a personal passion that has continued to grow throughout my years of experience. My obsession to detail has enabled me to provide a clean and sleek web experience. Explore your opportunity to have a website of your own to further the success of your business.







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